Cheesecake Without Oven

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*** For 6 Persons ***

  • **Ingredients for preparing the base:
  • Digestive biscuits: one and a half cups (crushed)
  • Cinnamon: half a teaspoon (ground)
  • Sugar: a tablespoon
  • Butter: 1/2 cup (soft)
  • Lemon juice: 1 teaspoon
  • Lemon peel: half a teaspoon (grated)
  • **Packaging ingredients:
  • Cream cheese: 1 cup (at room temperature)
  • Cream: a cup (liquid for sweets / cold)
  • Sugar: half a cup
  • Milk: 3 tablespoons (liquid)
  • Gelatin powder: 1 tablespoon (untested)
  • Cherry filling: carton (tinned)
  • Lemon juice: 1 teaspoon


  1. To prepare the base: In a bowl, place the biscuits, cinnamon, sugar, and lemon zest and mix.
  2. Pour lemon juice and butter and mix until ingredients are combined.
  3. Spread the batter into the bottom of a roll-out cheesecake pan and stack well.
  4. Put the pan in the fridge for 10 minutes, until the layer hardens.
  5. To prepare the filling: In an electric mixer, beat the cold cream with two tablespoons of sugar until foamy, and leave the mixture aside.
  6. In an electric mixer, put half a cup of sugar and cream cheese, whisk to get a frothy mixture, and leave the mixture aside.
  7. In a saucepan, mix the milk and gelatin with a hand mixer until it is completely melted (do not let the mixture boil).
  8. Take the mixture from the heat and add it to the mixture of cream gene and mix.
  9. Add the cream over the cheese mixture and mix on medium speed.
  10. Pour the lemon juice over the mixture and mix.
  11. Take out the mold from the refrigerator and spread the cream mixture over it.
  12. Cover the pan and put it in the fridge for two hours.
  13. Spread the berries mixture over the cheesecake when serving.
  14. Bonne Appétit!

History Of Cheesecake

When we say cheesecake, everyone thinks of a delicious American dessert. A creamy filling on a crunchy dough. Today available in fruits, chocolate, spices, speculoos … the cheesecake has something to seduce even the most difficult and demanding palates.

Originally, cheesecake is a Greek pastry, undoubtedly one of the oldest. It would have been born in 776 before Jesus-Christ during the first Olympic Games where it was served to the athletes to restore their energy! The recipe first spread during the Roman invasions. In Latin, it is called the placenta (cake, cake or even sacred cake) or libum (a kind of cake, but also an offering) and most of the time, it is used as an offering to the gods in the temples. Around the year 1000, the cheesecake was exported to central and eastern Europe where it was adopted and developed by the communities there: Ashkenazi Jews, Poles, Germans. It continues to emerge in Western Europe, particularly in Italy and England. It was then the emigrants who introduced him to America by landing in New York.

The first known recipe dates from the 14th century in the Viander de Taillevent, published in Paris, where the cheesecake is mentioned under the name “bourbonnaise tart” with fine crushed cheese, cresme crumpled, and egg hubs suffering painfully; and the crust of egg sauce. In Germany, it is in Nuremberg that we find the first recipe written for this cake in Anna Wecker’s cookbook of 1598. It uses cottage cheese, cream, eggs, butter and cinnamon. A century later, many variations of this cheesecake and egg cake can be found in the Vollständige Nürnbergische Kochbuch, “Complete Book of Nuremberg Cuisine”. In the 19th century, cheesecake spread throughout Germany and it is very popular as far as the Saar, the Rhineland, Eiffel and the Sudetenland.

However, according to real connoisseurs and New Yorkers, it is in New York that we find THE real cheesecake and the best manufacturers in the field. He would come from immigrant neighborhoods and more particularly, from a Jewish recipe. It would be Arnold Reuben Jr., owner of the legendary Turf Restaurant, 49th avenue of Broadway in New York who would have invented the original recipe for “modern” cheesecake. He has become a true legend. However, this did not prevent, at one time, that each New York restaurant had its own cheesecake recipe. New York cheesecake is made of cream cheese (better known as cream cheese!) And it has also given its name to a kind of cheesecake, the aptly named New York style cheesecake! The characteristics and qualities of this cheesecake are based on the use of authentic ingredients: only cream cheese, eggs, sugar, lemon and graham crackers. No fancy ingredients are added and this is what makes it so superior: a crunchy crust, a creamy and firm filling but not devoid of a certain lightness and an unforgettable lemon scent. It became very popular in the 1900s.

Currently, depending on the country and customs, there are many variations of cheesecake. Not to mention fancy, the basic ingredients themselves can vary. You can make a delicious cheescake with fresh cheese such as fromage blanc, creamy Italian cheeses such as ricotta and mascarpone, cream cheeses such as Kiri or Saint-Môret, fresh cream and even yogurt. , silky tofu, milk, soy milk or cream … And for even more flavors, it can also be cooked with products made from cow, sheep or goat milk. The crust goes very well, in addition to the original crackers, Petits Lu, speculoos, Digestive English biscuits, gingerbread … Depending on the ingredients chosen, it can be eaten with or without cooking and even iced.

Oh and of course, let’s not forget to mention that cheesecake is also eaten salty today!

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