The Tiramisu With a Very Easy Way

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*** For 4 Persons ***

  • Lady Fingers biscuits: bag and 1/2 bag
  • Cream: 2 cups (liquid / for sweets)
  • Cream: 2 sachets (powder)
  • Cream: a box
  • Philadelphia Cheese: Box (room temperature or mascarpone)
  • Powdered sugar: 2 tablespoons (or to taste)
  • Nescafe: 2 tablespoons (dissolved in a cup of water at room temperature and one teaspoon of sugar to taste)
  • Cocoa powder: as desired


  1. Whisk the cheese and powdered sugar until it gives us a creamy texture, then add the powdered cream, cream and cream and continue whisking until it becomes a cohesive creamy mixture.
  2. We dip the biscuit fingers with the Nescafe mixture and water for a quick dip and put it in Pyrex, then a layer of cream, then biscuit, then cream and put it in the refrigerator until it sticks slightly, and sprinkle the face with cocoa powder and return it to the refrigerator for at least six hours or until the time of serving.
  3. Bonne Appétit!

History Of Tiramisu

As you will see, there are as many different versions of the origin of tiramisu as there are tiramisus recipes!

Indeed, many Italian regions dispute the origin of this dessert known throughout the world, such as Lombardy or Veneto for example. Also, these claims have spawned many regional legends about the true origin of tiramisu for centuries. Let’s discover some of the most famous …

One of the best-known legends (described at the top of the page) is undoubtedly that which places the origin of tiramisu in the 16th century, when the Duke of Tuscany came to Siena, Cosimo III de Medici. Charmed by the sweetness of this dessert, the Duke would then have brought it back to the court of Florence, the starting point for its distribution in Venetia, in particular in Venice and Trévesie. It was in the latter city that the idea for the mascarpone tiramisu recipe was thought to have been invented.

Another, more comical theory, makes Venitie the capital of tiramisu, which would have been used during the Renaissance period as an aphrodisiac that women lavished on their lovers to increase their sexual capacity.

Other versions indicate that tiramisu was invented out of the desire to recycle cold coffee and leftover cakes. Indeed, the recipe for tiramisu, whose first recipe, according to this version, would be tiramisu with mascarpone, was found by chance by adding liquor as well as mascarpone to leftover cakes, to give them a new life.

Finally, Anna Maria Volpi, Italian chef operating in the USA and author of the book “The Story of tiramisu”, relays a wackier legend concerning the origin of the famous Italian dessert. Indeed, two restaurants in Treviso (Beccherie1 and El Toulà) still compete today for the discovery of tiramisu, which they say dates back to 1971!

Either way, if the Italians cannot agree on the origin of their dessert and national pride, they all agree on the country of origin of the recipe. And if tempted that some would dispute it, then they should bow to the evidence since the word tiramisu is an Italian word! It means to be reassembled physically or morally.

Whether it was invented in the Renaissance or in the 20th century (!), Tiramisu has become an internationally recognized dessert which was then available in many variations, examples of which we now offer you.

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