Treating Joint And Knee Pain With Olive Oil And Lemon Peel

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Treating joint and knee pain, extra virgin olive oil is anti-inflammatory, combined with basic lemon peel, and helps relieve joint pain. The cause of pain is usually inflammation of the body tissues, fading cartilage, or some injuries, although it is often treated with pain relievers and anti-inflammatories, there are some natural remedies that can speed up the relief of joint pain without any side effects. One of these ingredients is olive oil and lemon peel, which are two ingredients that soothe the area in which you feel pain and provide relief in a short period of time. Follow with me to learn ways to use these two ingredients to get rid of knee and joint pain.

Treating joint and knee pain

When applied topically to the affected area, this remedy made with olive oil and lemon peel will help improve blood circulation in order to relieve joint pain.

The ingredients are packed with nutrients that reduce inflammation, pain and stiffness.

Lemon peel also contains substances such as citronella and fandalin, which are two essential oils that help relax muscles and joints, helping with any difficulty with movement.
Extra virgin olive oil contains antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to help painful, inflamed tissues.
Together, these ingredients improve the transport of nutrients to your joints, which is a critical factor in preventing cartilage breakdown.
However, it is also worth noting that the treatment helps stimulate the lymphatic system, which is a major detoxifying factor that plays a role in pain.

In addition, applying it with massaging motions helps flush out retained fluids and, as if it were not enough, prevent uric acid build-up.

Treating arthritis with olive oil and lemon peel
The ingredients that we will use in this home remedy can be found in natural food stores or supermarkets.
Besides lemon peel and olive oil, we also suggest using eucalyptus leaves to enhance the anti-inflammatory effect.

Preventative treatment can be used to relieve joint pain easily or to relieve existing pain.

the ingredients:
1 cup of extra virgin olive oil (200 g).
Peel two lemons.
5 eucalyptus leaves.

Used equipments:
Glass jar.
Clean bandages.
Plastic wrap.

First, cut the lemon peel into small pieces and add them to the glass jar.
Then add the olive oil, and make sure the lemon peel is completely covered in the oil.
Next, chop the eucalyptus leaves and mix them with the other ingredients in the jar.
Then cover the mixture well and store in a cool, dark place for two weeks.
Finally, strain the oil to remove the pieces of eucalyptus leaves and lemon peel.

How to use:
First, dip a gauze pad in the mixture and then apply it to the affected joint.
Next, cover the gauze with cling film, and then, if possible, with a woolen scarf or woolen garment.
Then leave the oil on overnight for best results.
After that, apply it every night until you get rid of the pain.
As a preventive treatment, it is applied at least 3 times a week.

Other tips for relieving joint pain
If you want a more relaxing effect to relieve joint pain, warm the oil by placing the jar in a bowl of hot water.
But beware of the temperature so as not to burn your skin.
Additionally, you can use it to massage your joints, especially if the pain is due to fatigue or fluid retention.
Keep in mind that although using this product acts as a pain reliever, it is essential to improve your habits, eat a healthy diet, and exercise regularly to get the best results.


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